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Ofsted and ‘deep dives’

Deep-dives form the core of inspection activity with lead inspectors selecting subjects/vocational areas for deep dives and agree these with the Ofsted nominee during initial call to provider. Almost all evidence emerges from deep dives – including evidence about PD and B&A, ‘Prevent’, British values, safeguarding with inspectors spend most of their time in learning environments.

The Lead inspector may re-focus deep dive areas during inspection.

Inspectors hear from curriculum/subject leaders in deep dive areas about their curriculum intent and visits to learning environments evaluate curriculum implementation. This will include, but not be limited to work scrutiny, talks to learners / apprentices, visits to teaching and learning activities, talk to Tutors and Coaches.

During discussion regarding the impact of curriculum will include review of accommodation, resources or workplace, joint work scrutiny, case study of learners who have high needs and discussion with manager about outcomes/destination data.

Inspectors will be doing these things at the same time.

Inspectors will want to know the intent of the curriculum. For example, how do staff use local labour market intelligence and other information to shape the curriculum? What knowledge, skills and behaviours do employers say the learners need and is this aligned both the company KPI s as well as job descriptions?

They will review evidence of the local geographical priorities including sector growth. This will include what are the needs of the local community eg basic skills, family learning, particular vocational areas? As well as local priorities Ofsted will be keen to explore with you your knowledge and whether you are taking account of national priorities?

Data will be examined and evaluated, for example how well did your learners do on this course in previous years? What understanding do you have of learners’ destinations? And finally, do learners’ destinations link to what they learned at college/ workbased learning providers? Have learning had IMPACT and supported progression.

August 14, 2020


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